Getting Started With C : Tutorial 1

Getting Started with C : Tutorial 1 :  C is a powerful and compact language that allows you to write programs that specify exactly what you want your computer to do.You’re in charge, you create a program,which is just a set of instructions,and your computer will follow them. It is a general purpose language and a ‘low level’ language. Most of the important ideas of this language comes from BCPL, developed by Martin Richards. It provides no operations to deal with composite objects such as character strings,sets,lists or arrays.It also offers only straightforward, single-thread control flow, tests, loops, grouping,and subgroups, but not multi-programming, parallel operations, synchronization, or co-routines. Continue reading “Getting Started With C : Tutorial 1”

Installing WordPress offline for the windows

WordPress is a free content management system that provide the blogger for creating a full dynamic working blog.It  is a server sided program and require necessary components like apache,MySQL,PHP and phpMyAdmin for it’s working. You can install wordpress either online that is on a host server or offline mode by making your computer to turn  into a full  server.Installing wordpress offline gives you many benefits like if you are new to blogging and wants to  give a try or you are a blogger and require a test blog for testing all the themes and updates before applying to  your niche blog.Installing wordpress is easy and require a little technical skills. Continue reading “Installing WordPress offline for the windows”

Software Update of iOS

Software Update of iOS becomes one of the most essential task in the life of an iPhone user to entertain all the new features provided by Apple.The latest version of iOS software update is 9.3.You can preview all the new features in this version revealed by  apple .Also to check if your iPhone needs a software update of iOS,you can click here.
There are 2 Steps to Update your iOS on your iPhone


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Troubleshooting XAMPP Port 443 In use Problem

XAMPP stands for cross-platform Apache,MYSQL,php and perl.It is a software that can be used to run server sided software like apache on your computer.Running Apache and MYSQL locally on your computer can gain you  advantage for installing wordpress for testing purposes . Installing XAMPP is easy, just download the XAMPP from  apache friends and installation is as normal, just click next and next and this will install your software.Many problem rises after installing XAMPP when you are having an acivated account or sometimes you may also get such messages like Port 443 in use by “unable to open process” and like so on.Such error occurs as your default port in not available for operation.So there is a solution that can be used for troubleshooting XAMPP port 443 in use problem. Continue reading “Troubleshooting XAMPP Port 443 In use Problem”

Backup iPhone : How-to guide

How to create a backup of iPhone :
Backing up of iPhone data,in case of an iPhone damage or data loss,becomes the most essential and important features in one’s life.
Backup iPhone data means to create a copy of all your data at some other place or any other device.

Apple iPhone give you the credibility to save your back up data at two places :

1.Backup iphone using iTunes
2.backup iphone through Apple cloud server.

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Adding Music : How-to guide

How to easily add up music to your apple iPhone….

Some really cool,simple and easy tips…

Apple is the leading brand worldwide because of its security techniques and the moto of  “not accepting third party products” …
Consequently,iPhone users worldwide face some problems that android or other platform users dont.Adding music is one of such problems. Continue reading “Adding Music : How-to guide”

Monitor CPU temperature:How-to guide

Don’t Stay hot, if it is getting hotter, you are destroying it. CPU  tends to get hot durnig the computer operations and task which are given to them. High temperature of CPU for long time can shorten it’s life and performance by the throttling process.It is very necessary to keep a watch on the temperature scale and monitor CPU temperature.

Here are the top freeware software that can let you  to monitor CPU temperature.

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Restore IPhone:How-to guide

How to restore iPhone??
Restore iPhone,which is an one time solution to all the problems of an iPhone,is also one of the most recommended steps taken worldwide when it comes to problems like hanging of iPhone,heating of iPhone,appearence of a blue-death to screen appearence on an iPhone and various other problems. Continue reading “Restore IPhone:How-to guide”

iPhone heating effective solutions


Find effective solutions here…
“iPhone heating while charging” is one of the most common and tension giving problem to all the iPhone users worldwide.
Today in 2016,we bring you the most simple,easy and effective ways to get rid of this problem.

Simple,easy and effective solutions to “iPhone heating while charging”

1. Disable siri:
Siri,which is one of the unique features of apple iPhone,has gained it gained popularity worldwide. Continue reading “iPhone heating effective solutions”

Speed Android phone:How-to guide

You can speed android phone.Being a tortoise is boring so as having a slow phone. No one will love to have a smartphone which takes a LOT of time to open even basic day-to-day tasks like messaging,whatsapp or Facebook. If we are talking about android powered smartphone they tend to lag after sometime. Low memory, mismanagement of space or any installed app can be the reason for this .

here are some of the tips which can speed Android phone.

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